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In an atmosphere of growing compliance it is far easier to place systems which deal with day to day control actions virtually automatically. This is not limited to financial records and includes the operational systems in your organization. When something is a subject of routine, you do not need to spend time on repetitious issues and can instead focus on developing your company. A sound investment in efficient systems, tailored to your organizations needs pays for itself many times over.

Accounting Software Packages where you can rely on our expertise

QuickBooks is dominant accounting software at a reasonable cost. We have been using QuickBooks for over 6 years.

Each version has enhanced and it is capable of anything that Sage Line 50 can achieve however with a far more powerful and flexible reporting interface built in. QuickBooks Pro including payroll is under £300 for a single user, multi company version. As with most accounting software at this rank, its major limitation is the amount of data it can hold. It is not easy to state the size of company for which it could be appropriate as a corporate finance company may have a turnover of £50m and only issue 200 invoices in a year, whereas a retail shop may have 10,000 sales items in a year and only have a turnover of £100,000. We have clients with high volumes of data and turnover of around £5m and QuickBooks is easily capable of holding two years data with a data file of around 140MB.

Exchequer Enterprise (Iris) meets working requirements as it operates across a broad range of vertical markets including wholesale and distribution, charities/not-for-profit organizations, retail and construction.

Over 10,000 companies presently utilize this software including GMTV, British Gymnastics, The British Deaf Association, The Rosemary Conley Group, Yo! Sushi!, HJ Heinz, Marks & Spencer, Virgin Energy and National Express.



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